Digital Great Commission

The Digital Great Commission

Most technicians are content to stay in the background, pushing buttons and not talking to anyone.   Many church technicians have said that despite trying, they have never personally lead anyone to Christ and it bothers them. God created us all to worship Him so why didn’t He create us... read more

NEW Holiday Worship Media

NEW Holiday Worship Media

One area we help churches Transform their Worship Experiences is with quality, pre-made Worship Media content. I wanted to take this post to highlight some of our new holiday content specifically designed to enhance the Christmas experiences at your church. Use these Mini-Movies, Service Packs, Series Boxes and Song Videos... read more

Christmas Blog Posts

Our Best Christmas Blog Posts

Over the years, our team has written multiple articles about how to Transform Your Christmas Worship Experiences. These posts give some free resources and provide some great content for your volunteer teams. Check out these great holiday themed posts from our Archives: by Dan Bracken    Nobody ever told me... read more

be the switch

Be The Switch

Raise your hand if you have a light switch at home… Okay, so you know how a light switch works. The concept is simple (although, don’t ask me about how it technically works). The light switch is usually on a wall some where by the door. When someone walks into... read more

the star

THE STAR Movie Release

The new animated Christmas movie The Star opens nationwide in theaters this Friday. This is a great film to promote to your volunteer team. Check out some details about the film below. About the Film: In Sony Pictures Animation’s The Star, a small but brave donkey named Bo yearns for... read more

Sound Tech Lessons

Audio Tech Lessons – Lesson #1: Listen

Lesson 1: Listen The most important skill for achieving great sound is to listen. You can’t be good at mixing sound if you don’t know how to listen. To listen is to make an effort to hear something; to be alert and ready to hear something (courtesy New Oxford American... read more