Syncing Song Tracks and Video via SMPTE

There are a few different methods for synchronizing an audio playback computer (running Ableton Live, Protools, etc.) and a video playback server (with ProVideoPlayer, Resolume, etc.). One of these avenues is via SMPTE Timecode. If you’ve never heard of this protocol, I’ll spare you the technical jargon and summarize that... read more

Declare War on Negativity

I walked into a meeting and sat down. The leader started presenting ideas for the upcoming service. Surprised at what I heard, I started listing off reasons why those ideas would not work. My intention was to do my job and help the entire team. About 10 minutes into the... read more

Stuck in the Median

Stuck in the Median

I’m thankful for medians on the highway. I know that sounds odd to be thankful for, but I really am. As an impatient person and an impatient driver, medians allow me to get out into traffic a little faster. They allow me to take the lanes one at a time... read more

Easter 2018

Custom Media Staff Picks from Easter 2018

We had by far the biggest, most intensive Easter season we’ve ever had at Twelve:Thirty Media. We are so thankful and grateful to work with such amazing churches and ministries. We wanted to share with you just a few of our favorite custom projects we have produced this year promoting... read more

Custom Media Staff Picks

Custom Media Staff Picks from Jan-March 2018

Our team produces dozens of Custom Media projects every month for churches and ministries around the world. Its an honor and a privilege to partner with so many great friends to help them transform their Worship Experiences every weekend. Below is a taste of some our favorite Sermon Bumpers, Promos,... read more