Supporting Your Volunteers

This past spring, in southern Ohio was something to reckon with. We had such a huge swing back and forth of warm and freezing temperatures. I wore flip flops on a Tuesday and then brought out my winter coat from the closet on Thursday. Though the weather felt like an amusement... read more

Satan’s Lie

I just finished writing my book on finding your creative potential. There’s a section of the book that I called ‘Satan’s Lie’ that is so important to the creative process, that I wanted to share a few thoughts. Here’s the part that’s in the book: Satan has never created anything.... read more

Like Arrows – Movie Release

The movie LIKE ARROWS comes to select theaters for a two night only Fathom Event on May 1st and May 3rd.   This is a great film to promote to your volunteer team, especially parents. Check out some details about the film and listen to an Exclusive Interview with Executive... read more