Stage Design on a Budget

When it comes to stage design, money matters. Unfortunately, when you are a part of a smaller church and have a low or non-existent budget, money matters even more. Money, however, does not have to dictate your design options.   Here are a few guidelines to creating unique stages on... read more


This week I’m going to feature some projects we’ve produced for LifeWay Christian Stores, Creative Church Staffing, Luther Rice College and Seminary, Seeds Family Worship, FamilyLife and more. Let us know what you like! Feel free to share these videos online, comment below, or e-mail us ( with any suggestions... read more

4 Ways to Lead as a Volunteer

If you’re a volunteer on the Media Production Team at your church, you know that your Church Media Director or Coordinator can’t do it all. And he shouldn’t. It takes many volunteers to execute an excellent worship experience. As a volunteer, it’s your responsibility to not just come push buttons... read more