The Voices in Our Head

A while back, I had an experience that you might be able to relate to.   We had just finished our church service with worship and communion.  As the music team was slowly unplugging and turning off their equipment, we felt encouraged by how God had used us. Just as... read more

Tips for Recruiting Lasting Servants

At most churches, the media team is a really accessible entry-point into the world of “serving”. I’ve found that several of our weekend tasks are easy enough for a 7th grader. Several of our students have progressed to careers in media, having been inspired by their experience with our team,... read more

The Top 20 Worship Songs of 2015

There were so many great worship songs and albums that came out in 2015. In this list I made a point not to include the same artist twice. That being said, some of these songs come from AMAZING albums (or from artists who had more then 2 albums in 2015),... read more

Boarding the Campaign Trail

As we led our volunteer teams at our churches, we need to be involved in the conversations that are important to our culture.   Obviously this year, the political scene is a hot topic of discussion. As leaders in our churches, we need to be informed and knowledgable of our... read more

Radio, Television, and the NRB

Hello everyone and Happy 2016!! Another year in which we all can proclaim the goodness of our Lord Jesus through the various avenues He has given us. At our church, we have a radio program on the GO MIX Christian Radio Network every Sunday afternoon at 12:15 called “Pleasant News... read more


“Relevancy” is an interesting word. I understand it’s draw. To a large degree, I even understand it’s importance. So sure… keep striving for relevancy in your churches. BUT (and it’s a big one), the battle to remain relevant is one that consumes, and often detracts from our first objective (to... read more