Beyond Stage Design

I run a website called It gets around 400,000 views/month. That number continually surprises me, knowing there are that many people around the world doing stage design at their church.   People ask me all the time if I post every stage design that is submitted through the site.... read more

The Winds of Change

For years and years the motion picture industry has been on the side liberalism and even at times anti-religion, especially when it comes to Christianity.  It was once said when Mel Gibson’s “Passion of The Christ” was being released that he came under fire for producing a movie about Christ,... read more

20 Ways to Tell One Story

I can pinpoint the beginning of my fascination with multimedia. I was sitting in class, a junior in college, when my professor unleashed the most eye-opening, brain shattering information my poor brain had ever absorbed: The word “media” is plural. I was no longer allowed to, according to my professor,... read more

The Best of ProPresenter 6 Tutorials

ProPresenter is the best presentation software on the market for churches. Its what I recommend to churches of all sizes. Yes, there is other presentation software on the market that are cheaper. But spending the money on getting your team a pretty stable platform with a user-friendly interface is worth... read more

Music to My Ears and My Creativity

Being a Worship Leader at a church doesn’t always mean you are only playing music on Sundays and rehearsals mid-week. Often times the job description comes along with creating graphics, putting together videos, stage design, lights, audio, etc. Something that really helps me stay focused throughout the day on all... read more

Go-To Gel Colors for Front Lighting

Have you ever stood frozen in front of the paint swatches at the hardware store? No matter how long you spend making up your mind, without fail the color never quite looks as expected once you’ve painted the whole room. Opening a gel swatch book can be equally intimidating, and... read more

It’s About Time

As worship creatives we often have a lot going on inside and outside of our heads. It can be great! That’s where a lot of our creativity comes from but there are times when all that activity can be overwhelming. With an abundance of “stuff” we can often feel like... read more