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The Church Online Guide

by Carl Barnhill and Steve Dirks

This guide will give you helpful tips and resources for how to set up your Livestream, how to record from home, ideas for your online Worship Experience flow, tips for your website, Kid’s Services, Online Giving and more.



Church Online Tips

The Church is not a building. It never has been.

So, there are two questions we are tackling when it comes to Church Online. 

  • How can we be the Church online?
  • How can we enhance our Online Worship Experiences?

Through the videos and resources below, we will explore the answers to both of these questions. When it comes to gathering as a body of believers in a digital environment, the secret sauce is not what equipment set up your have or what web or social media platform you use. It’s about people. It’s about the lost coming to Jesus, it is about your members growing in their faith. So, whatever gear, software or platform you use, be authentic. Be you. Pastor your people first. We can help you with some of the technical aspects of gathering and growing your online presence, but the key is for you to make decisions based on your church and your culture. 

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