4 Ways to Maximize Your Digital Church Signage

Are you searching for ways to enhance your church community and better connect with your visitors? Church digital signage can help you do both. With the help of modern signage software, you can streamline the visitor experience and make everyone feel welcome.

1. Greet Your Visitors

Having a team of volunteers dedicated to welcoming people as they enter your church building is ideal, but there are often gaps where your workers can’t be there. Set up a kiosk-style welcome screen for when volunteers are absent so anyone who walks through your church doors feels welcome and cared for. Nothing beats a friendly smile, but informative signage that provides essential information comes close.

It is especially useful as a tool to welcome children to kids ministry, ensuring up-to-date information is available for every child. Streamlines the check-in process for the kids at your church by displaying graphics or motion video displaying “Check in here” to ensure your visitors know they’re in the right place. 


2. Share Relevant Information

Maybe the most important use of digital signage is sharing information with your attendees. Whether it’s an important announcement about a change to a service or details of an upcoming event, sharing details of your church is crucial to building a sense of connection between congregants. Keeping everyone in the loop when it comes to the goings-on at your church will make your ministry feel like home.

Your church lobby signage could even feature a way-finding directory. If you have a large church and find people often get lost while searching for the Sunday service, classes, or programs, including directional information in your reception area is a must. Making information like this accessible will inspire more connections and conversations.


3. Build a Sense of Community

Go deeper with your digital signage and use it to showcase the values, mission, and history of your church. Doing this is one small way to reinforce your beliefs among your members, and it’s a way you can also help visitors know exactly what your church stands for. You can easily display your church values and mission statement on a revolving display slideshow, and feature a succinct tagline that encompasses the soul of your ministry to build a sense of community.


4. Encouraging Visitor Engagement

The church community relies on conversation and communication, so inspire engagement through your church signage. Display your church’s social media channels to encourage people to interact online, and show your most recent posts to give a taste of the content you provide. Setting up a church social media strategy will ensure you provide consistent, fresh content to your ministry, boosting your follower count and reach.

As you don’t want to crowd your digital signage screens, employ the help of QR codes to save some space. For events, list a basic overview of what they can expect accompanied by a QR code if they want to find out more information. 

Similarly, you can share short snippets about the history of your church while urging people to learn more on your website by following the code, providing you with essential insights and more.


Inspire Interaction One Sign at a Time

The truth is that the benefits of digital signage are endless. Forbes highlights how to enhance offline experiences in the consumer sense, but many of these points are transferable to church worship. It essentially makes people more comfortable by providing them with everything they need right at their fingertips. A simple sign can relieve countless pain points for your church attendees while taking the pressure off your church workers.

Show your church members that they are a part of something bigger by using your digital signage properly. Don’t stop at the basic uses of digital signage for your church—bring your church members together by maximizing your signage! 

The next steps? 

Find a church digital signage software like Playlister, and transform your church signage ideas into reality. Treat your church members to exciting new software while attracting new members with modernized digital signage for churches.