Using Vimeo Livestream to Enhance your Church Video

Vimeo Livestream is one of, if not the premier livestream platform for churches. A couple years ago Vimeo Purchased the Livestream platform. This merger has become an ultimate solution for churches. It’s a one stop shop for all your live video content. What I also love is that so many churches are already using Vimeo to house their archived media content. For just a little more monthly you can use one platform to stream, store, and replay your content.

What I want to do in this post is share some of the features I see that will help you enhance what your church does online, using the Vimeo platform, and also share some ways this platform can help simplify your processes.

Then at the end I want to share with you an amazing deal that Vimeo is offering to your church if you are interested.

First thing that I absolutely find excellent is the amount of embedding you can do. You can use Vimeo and embed your stream anywhere. With an embed code you can place that in your church’s Church Online Platform. As you set up your live stream you can select which video controls you want made available to your audience. These include a play bar, like button, share button, and more. You can also customize your stream with your logo linked to your website along with ending slides that have a call to action or are just an ending slide.

The Second way that I believe Vimeo can enhance your Livestream is that you can push your stream to multiple destinations. You can share to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or use RTMP to go anywhere else. What this does is allow your team to setup up one stream to automatically stream to other platforms. No longer do you need to setup each profile or start streams on other platforms. You can set Vimeo to do that when you go live.

This next tip sounds simple, but I think it could be the main reason why you should consider streaming from this platform. Using Vimeo for your stream allows you to save your streamed content directly to your account. So no longer do you need to upload your service, from a recording or from a device in your Worship Center. Once you finish the stream that video is in your video library and you can begin to share and even restream your service from that video.

Now once you get into streaming there are tools and resources available to your Church Online Team.
Here are a couple of them that stand out to me:

  1. Chat and Polls – you can house a chat and polls in your feed from Vimeo. If you are streaming to Facebook, YouTube, or other social platforms you probably will have chats there, but you can house chats and create polls in your Vimeo stream.
  2. You can take Q&A questions from your viewers. Consider doing an Ask Questions Sunday (we have a box for that)
  3. You can add some basic Graphics to your stream. Lower thirds, full screen, logos. These are huge if you want to add connection points or numbers for people to text or ways to engage your views and connect them to your online team. I think this is so helpful in making your online Stream actually a place where you minister to people who are joining you online instead of just making it an offshoot of your Sunday in house worship experience.

Using these extra tools will help you connect the online viewers with your church.

Ok, so we have discussed how you can broadcast live anywhere. You can reach anyone by pushing your streams to any platforms simultaneously.  Some other great features that Vimeo has are the tracking metrics. You can track real time. Your can look at each individual stream and see your stream health, who is engaging and know who is watching.

You also can build a NETFLIX style app for your videos and distribute that app across so many platforms like iOS, Android, Roku, and more.

So is your church looking for a streaming platform. Maybe you are on one and want to research a comparison. I have used other streaming platforms and I have to say Vimeo is an amazing product and the team at Vimeo is growing to serve and resource churches. Vimeo wants to serve churches well in the coming years and they are building teams to specifically help and resource churches with their platform.

Ok so here is a great deal. You can get a VIMEO Pro account (20Gb a week) for $20 normally. Vimeo is giving this option to you through our team at $18. For the cost of a meal out you can get Vimeo Pro at your church.

However, the best and biggest deal is Vimeo is offering the PREMIUM platform, which includes unlimited views and streaming, 7TB total storage (your drobox might only be 2-3TB if you pay for it). This Plan is usually $900 for the year (spaced out monthly at $75). Well now you can get this deal for the first year at $810 for the year ($67.50 monthly).

I encourage you to check out these plans here or heading over to The Vimeo plans offer High Quality streaming capabilities with the affordability that your church needs and is seeking during this time.

In review, using Vimeo will elevate and enhance your worship experience in a few keyways.

  • First you get a slew of tools to help you connect, reach, and track your online reach
  • Second you can broadcast your stream easily to MULTIPLE services on a platform that is reliable and seeking to be excellent
  • And third I believe is that you will save your team time in housing everything Live and Post-Live in one database. Saving your team time allows them to focus on areas of your worship experience that maybe couldn’t be looked at before.

If you have any questions about Vimeo and how it can be helpful to your church reach out to our Twelve Thirty Team. We would love to show you how this could help your church.

And if you are ready to sign up head over to our exclusive discount landing page to this amazing deal from Vimeo today.