A Test of WILL

I asked Will to throw a shoe at my face when the clock hit midnight at a new year’s eve party for high-schoolers at Ginghamsburg.

I had never met him before. I was just a chaperone trying to make things fun.

When the clock struck midnight, I was shocked when the right side of my face went numb. Without hesitation, Will obliterated my face with his shoe.

Honestly, it was the beginning of something great.

Will joined the media team that day. I knew one thing for sure- If he could be trusted to throw a shoe at my face when I asked him to, he could be trusted with a lot more (Luke 6:10). Now, every new media team recruit has to throw a shoe at my face during orientation (*wink)

After several years on the team, Will has become passionate about media and storytelling.

When I ask Will what he wants to be when he grows up, he says he wants to be me.

I asked him, “why me?” Here’s what he had to say:

“Well, there’s a few reasons:

1. Being able to travel the world and capture the untold stories of people that have faced war and famine and have survived with the grace of God.

2. He’s funny, but not funny funny, he’s goofy funny.

3. He’s incredibly patient, you have to be in order to teach an 8th grader After Effects.

4. He’s crazy talented, he only recently switched to full-HD DSLR video after years of killing it on an extremely out-of-date Panasonic HVX.

5. He’s not afraid to follow the Spirit, whether it’s telling him to get a shoe thrown at his face or produce/direct a short documentary about the refugee crisis in Beirut.

Seriously though, Dan has been a fantastic mentor and an even better friend. I want to be a church media producer because he has shown me the impact i can have within the church to create an atmosphere of worship. As church media folk we joke a lot about sub-wattage and haze quantifying the Holy Spirit, and we’re not too far off. High production quality enables people to see the purity behind true worship.

Why do i want to be Dan? because i want to enable others to have an honest connection with God in worship the way Dan has week-in and week-out at Ginghamsburg.”

– Will

As team leaders, what are your disciples learning from you?

Will listed six things:

1. Adventure.

2. Fun.

3. Character.

4. Skill.

5. Humility

6. Friendship.

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Even though Will states the importance of quality production, take note at everything that precedes. You can only lead others as far as you lead yourself. Now go ask a stranger to throw a shoe at your face.

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Author Photo - Dan Bracken

Senior Media Producer
Ginghamsburg Church | Tipp City, OH

Dan graduated from Asbury College in 2006 with a degree in media communication. A few months later, he joined the staff of Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH as a graphic design intern. After learning a thing or two over the years, Dan is now Senior Media Producer and leads a team of 80 unpaid media servants. Through his incredible creative ability, God has used him to change lives through the power of story. Dan lives in Tipp City, OH with his wife, Amy, and has 3 year old twins.