Be The Switch

be the switch

Raise your hand if you have a light switch at home…

Okay, so you know how a light switch works. The concept is simple (although, don’t ask me about how it technically works). The light switch is usually on a wall some where by the door. When someone walks into the room and realizes it’s dark, they flip the switch and walk into the room.
A few weeks ago, my 3 year old flipped the switch by his door when he walked into his room as I followed just behind him. Flipping the switch turned on the bright light in the center of the room and illuminated the mess that his room had become. Stuff was everywhere. After I saw the mess I thought, “Gee, I’m glad he flipped the switch, I could’ve broken a leg!”
Here’s my challenge to us today…
Be the switch.

Every day, you and I walk into messy situations that could use someone to flip a switch on them.
It could be that things at work are at a slow progress and someone needs to get the ball rolling. Often times, one person with some passion helps others see the need to get in gear.
It could be that your finances have been bad for a long time. Begin to cut somewhere and leave something out so you can begin to start the snow ball that’ll happen once you feel the adrenaline of getting some stuff paid off.
It could be that the circle of friends you have are very negative when you’re around. They rarely have a positive thing to say about anyone. Be the positive initiator. Positivity feeds positivity. One person can start it. It could be that your the one who needs to be a light in your community of darkness. Flip the switch and let others see the light of Christ shine through you.
Be the switch.

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Someone has to flip in order for change to begin. Someone has to be willing to exert some effort, stand up, and do something about what they see.
Be the switch!