Do You Feel Like You Never Get Your Way?

Most of us feel like we don’t get our way. Especially when you add in our artistic bend and the small voices that cause us to doubt. A lot of artists and leaders, including myself, struggle with this concept. Sometimes it is good for us to face rejection because it grows us, but we also need some wins in our life as well. There are a few things you can do in order to improve your chances of getting what you want far more often and earn equity in the process.

Why don’t you might try:

  1. Being confident yet humble.
  2. Being prepared when you make your pitch.
  3. Know the story that makes this compelling.
  4. Know the reason WHY.
  5. Know the data and the downside. Be ready to defuse these.
  6. Rehearse before you arrive. Don’t show up unprepared.
  7. Inspire who you are talking to don’t bore them.
  8. Find ways to care about the things the person you are pitching cares about. It makes a big difference.
  9. Give the story of what this matters.
  10. Remember that failure is a better teacher than success.

Try it, test it, and see if it works. I bet it will. And if this post impacted you I would love for you to share it with your community.

I wish I worked at that OTHER organization.

We all have a culture. The question is, have you created it or allowed it to create itself?

The places everyone wants to work, that people never want to leave, and the organizations that don’t just drive, they thrive all have amazing cultures that are clearly cultivated.

When we are not intentional about creating our culture we miss the special stuff, the fun stuff, the amazing, unique, ridiculously sticky part of what makes you amazing!

If you have not –

  • Defined
  • Codified
  • & Installed

your values into your organization, it is TIME!