Has the Media taken Liberty too far?


It would seem that all we have heard about lately in the news is how people are complaining about their rights. 

That my friends has been a battle that has gone on since the inception of our nation back in 1776.  In 1861 our nation was ravaged by Civil War as one side proclaimed that it was fighting for its second ward of independence and it’s states rights, the other proclaiming that it was fighting against a rebellion in order to preserve the United States of America.  Since then, up to this day, there have been fights about rights for women, rights of those who can vote, religious rights and now, more recently, the right of whom can marry who?

Even though these are fights in our nation, were there ever fights over these things in God’s Word?

The Bible is plain in what it says about freedom and one scripture that I always love to read during this time of year as we approach July 4 is Galatians 5:13 where Paul said:

For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” 

Are we here in America obeying this verse of scripture? 

By looking at recent events in our country I dare say we are. However, how is the media playing out in all of this?  Yes, Praise God, we have Conservative Media like Fox News, and CBN not to mention our many Pastors and teachers on TV and radio and of course social media.  But looking at the news media over all I have to believe that it is they who have added fuel to the fire of some of the struggles we face in our nation. 

For instance the violence in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this year and in Baltimore, Maryland.  It was 24 hours 7 day a week coverage and it was full of footage of individuals who were NOT using their liberties God gave them to serve one another.  But to hurt one another by destroying property, stealing and even physically hurting others.

If Paul says to use the liberty God gave us to love and serve others, would not we use that same liberty in media instead of showing so much destruction? 

Yes I know, this kind of news boosts ratings and boosts sponsorships which makes money for the networks.  But isn’t that how we got into trouble in the first place by compromising God’s Word and His standards for the almighty dollar?

In order to take America back for the Lord we must use everything He has blessed us with and use for His glory!!

This includes our TV programs, Radio programs, blogs and yes, even using our social media pages for His glory too!!

May we all answer that challenge and use the liberty we have given not to promote sin, but to love one another as Christ has loved us!!

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Author Photo- Barry Stallings

Senior Pastor
“The Grove”: Pleasant Grove Original Free Baptist Church | Pikeville, NC

In 1988 Barry accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and life and a year later in September 1989 answered God’s call to preach the gospel. Also, within this period he wrote his first of many songs which led him to sing gospel music.  In 1989 he became a southern gospel music radio announcer that led him into Christian television in 1992.  On July 6th the same year he became the host of a southern gospel music video program, “Together Again with Barry Stallings”, which airs to this day on WHFL-TV43 in Goldsboro, NC.

Since December 2003 Barry has been serving as Senior Pastor of Pleasant Grove Original Free Will Baptist Church otherwise nicknamed “The Grove” of Pikeville, NC, and hosts a TV and radio ministry entitled “Pleasant News From the Grove” each week which are outreaches of Pleasant Grove Church.  He has been married to his wife Olivia since March of 1992 and they have two very talented daughters Karen, 22 and Katie, 20.

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