Keepin’ It Real with Sadie Robertson

keepin' it real

Hey guys, today’s post has very little to do with Church Media – but I had the opportunity to chat with Sadie Robertson who stars on the hit show Duck Dynasty and was Runner-Up on Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars, and I thought I would share it with you. Sadie’s movies, books, and fall tour would be a great resource for the younger leaders on your volunteer team.

Sadie is a strong believer and comes from a very solid family. She stars in the hit show Duck Dynasty, which is currently in its 10th Season. The first episode of the season premieres tonight at 9pm on A&E. Sadie had the opportunity to perform on Dancing with the Stars and made it to the finals, finishing as Runner-Up behind Alfonso Riberio. She recently had small roles in the movies God’s Not Dead 2 and I Am Not Ashamed.

Her first book “Live Original” was released last year and will be followed up by the “Live Original” Tour this fall featuring Family Force 5 and her squad of family members and friends. Her first fiction book “Life Just Got Real” is on shelves now. Sadie and I talked about all these topics and how she is living for Jesus when it can sometimes be difficult.

Check out my interview and be sure to share it and Sadie’s projects with your team.

Listen to my full interview with Sadie below.

keepin' it real


Listen to the Full Interview:

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When the world is pulling you this way and that way, the hardest thing is to stay grounded. @sadierob Click To Tweet If your faith is patched on, it will never last. If it is woven into your life, it'll never break. @sadierob Click To Tweet Live Original means to be confident in the person you are and were created to be. @sadierob Click To Tweet

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keepin' it real

keepin' it real

keepin' it real

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