Staff and Volunteer Positions Needed for Church Online

As you plan and prepare to engage online here is a quick checklist of positions to include on your roster or to think about having to execute your Online Worship Experience. If you’re pre recording then you might be able to split up when each team serves but this is a team roster you might need to make it happen.

  • Worship Team (multiple)
  • Pastor / Teacher (1)
  • Welcomer / Online Host (1 or 2)
  • Special Items (prayer for ministry, baptism, etc)
  • Camera Operators (as many as you have cameras)
  • Switcher (1)
  • Shader (if you have a shading, coloring position) (1)
  • Graphics / Lyrics Operators (1 or 2 if you do graphics on one input and lyrics on another)
  • Audio Engineer (preferable to have a dedicated audio mix for your stream) (1)
  • Producer (1)
  • Online Hospitality Team
  • Pastor in the Chat (2 or 3 at max)
  • Production Monitor (someone who is connected to the production team who can monitor the service and communicate with the team what is happening)