Switcher Training Guide for Volunteers

Before launching [twelve:thirty]media full-time, I had the privilege of serving two of the fastest growing churches in the country- Pinelake Church in Brandon, MS, and the Newspring Church based in Anderson, SC. At both of these churches, we produced training material for every volunteer position on our media production team.

Below is a look inside my toolbox of training material for our Switcher positions. If you are a church that uses IMAG (Image Magnification, if you use camera shots on your screens), your camera feeds are run through a switcher console where chances are you have a volunteer switching between camera shots and different input sources. Below was my Training Guide for volunteers who operated the switcher. These were were short lists designed for our veteran volunteers to know exactly which topics to cover when training a new volunteer on the switcher console.


Feel free to take and copy this material. You can modify or change this list based on your gear or the needs of your team.


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Switcher Operator
In this position, you will be responsible for everything that is shown on the screens. Your responsibilities will include listening to the Live Director, transitioning between camera, graphics, and video playback sources, and executing necessary cues on the Switcher console. This position is important because it helps create a seamless, distraction-free worship experience for our guests.

1. Know what chroma keys are, what they do, and how to turns keys on and off.
2. Know what all the Macros do and how to get to them.
3. The difference between “Cut”, “Auto-Trans and “T-Bar”.
4. How to recall settings on the Switcher console.
5. How to preview a source before it is taken.
6. Know the functions of each input source and what it is used for in a service.
7. How to change the Lobby TVs to the Live Fee.




PRE-SERVICE (Pre-Counter)
• Notify the ProPresenter Operator that the keys are on.
• Make sure all sources are getting the correct feed on the Multi-View monitor.
• Make sure Lobby TVs are not on the Live Feed during Run-Through.
• After Run-Thru, make sure Lobby TVs are set to the Live Feed.

• Be in position one minute before the counter starts.
• During the counter, listen for last minute Live Director calls.
• Listen to Live Director for which transition type will be used in each song. (Cuts or Dissolves using Auto-Trans or T-Bar)
• Listen to Director to ready camera shots. This is your cue to put shots in preview.
• Be available for parent call-outs from our Kids ministry team.
• Be ready to transition to Church Announcements after the message.

• Prepare the switcher for the next worship service.
• Talk through any changes or tweaks in the service with your team to prepare for the next worship service.
• After the last service of the day, assist in shutting down all computers and other equipment in and around the Control Room.

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