The Winds of Change


For years and years the motion picture industry has been on the side liberalism and even at times anti-religion, especially when it comes to Christianity. 

It was once said when Mel Gibson’s “Passion of The Christ” was being released that he came under fire for producing a movie about Christ, all until it grossed over $600 million after being on a $30 million budget.  Money speaks in Hollywood as it does in many places but yet it was because Christians came together as one voice and supported the film and many were blessed by it, although some “Christian Critics” questioned its theology.

One part of media that has come alive over the last several years is Christian film. Movies like “The Passion of the Christ” opened the door in my opinion to a generation of Christians that welcomed Christian films with open arms. Movies like Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous, the upcoming War Room all produced by the Stephen and Alex Kendrick, to others that have been released in 2015 like the Evangelistic movie “Do You Believe”. In our region, we reached out to the Christian community, and over 800 came out to support the film and even invited some lost people to come, in which several reports of salvation have been stated.

In the next two months I have the pleasure of helping promote two other movies that deal with two totally different themes. The first is “Princess Cut” starring Ashley Bratcher in her first lead role as a young lady who is seeking God’s will for the Lord to send her the right man for her life.

The second is the movie “Adrenaline” featuring John Schneider who most people remember as Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard TV series from the 1980’s. This movie deals with a race car driver and an emptiness in his life that can only be filled by God himself.

To me, the Christian film industry is another avenue of taking the gospel to the entire world before Jesus returns again and we Christians must support this!!!

“Well Pastor Barry you know, I might not agree with the film theologically like some did with The Passion of the Christ.” Let me just say that I am a Free Will Baptist Pastor, but a Christian first!! And even though I have Pentecostal, Southern Baptist, Methodist and Church of God friends they are still my brothers and sisters in Christ because they know Him just as I do, but may see Him from a different direction where they are standing.

Notice I mentioned Christian denominations, not religions!  Christianity is a religion, not a denomination and it is all those denominations I mentioned earlier that make up the Christian body. Those in the Christian film industry are too and as the Body of Christ may we get out and not just support these evangelistic tools, but promote them that the lost may be saved and the body may be edified!!

When the next few Christian films come to your town such as Princess Cut, War Room, 90 minutes in Heaven and Badge of Faith, I encourage you to not just promote, but take a group from your church, your family and go and receive a blessing! Many Christians will go a spend hundreds on secular movies, but won’t spend a dime to go see a Christian film. This folks is a “new ocean” for we believers and I for one am sold in it and hope you will join me as well.

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Author Photo- Barry Stallings

Senior Pastor
“The Grove”: Pleasant Grove Original Free Baptist Church | Pikeville, NC

In 1988 Barry accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and life and a year later in September 1989 answered God’s call to preach the gospel. Also, within this period he wrote his first of many songs which led him to sing gospel music.  In 1989 he became a southern gospel music radio announcer that led him into Christian television in 1992.  On July 6th the same year he became the host of a southern gospel music video program, “Together Again with Barry Stallings”, which airs to this day on WHFL-TV43 in Goldsboro, NC.

Since December 2003 Barry has been serving as Senior Pastor of Pleasant Grove Original Free Will Baptist Church otherwise nicknamed “The Grove” of Pikeville, NC, and hosts a TV and radio ministry entitled “Pleasant News From the Grove” each week which are outreaches of Pleasant Grove Church.  He has been married to his wife Olivia since March of 1992 and they have two very talented daughters Karen, 22 and Katie, 20.

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