4 Things to do to Prep for a Service

Prep for a Service

1. Seek After Jesus

Make sure to prepare your hearts and minds as you plan and prepare for your services. God is the source of all creativity and it would be foolish for us to start anywhere else but at the foot of the Cross and seeking after Him. In the just the first few verses of Genesis, He created the universe! So many times I can focus so much on all the technical things that need to happen (which are important to pulling off a service) but forget to take enough time to read my Bible and pray for our weekend services.

2. Document EVERYTHING

From stage layouts to audio inputs/outputs list and Planning Center service flows, having these type of planning documents filled out and ready to go can save valuable time when it comes to successfully pulling off services each and every week. Putting in the prep work on the front end and clearly documenting and communicating all the nitty gritty details to the people that need to know this on your team will help to set you up for a win.

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3. Test All Service Elements

Running a video for the very first time in your service is just asking for something bad to happen. Having the line of a song read “God our strength” can be pretty distracting in a service. Make sure to give yourself enough time to review and test all elements like videos and song lyrics prior to you services (and even run-throughs). For example, we rehearse for our services on Thursday nights and everything is looked at and tested before and during that night. In addition to this, anything you can do ahead of a rehearsal or service will allow you to focus and spend time on what is important at that moment and not playing catch-up (i.e audio console is labeled and setup, lighting ques have been reviewed).

4. Rest

I think rest plays an important role in how we approach Sundays. Lately as a church and creative team, we have been firing on all cylinders, but it is important to have a day to turn it off and not be in service planning, gear fixing, and “putting out fires” mode. If we cannot lead well in our homes and personal lives, we can’t expect to lead well in ministry. It really is a marathon…so pace is critical. There is always going to be something to do, but we need to pick our battles and make sure our personal and work lives have a healthy balance.

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