More Than Music

I am a husband, brother, friend, musician, worship leader, and a follower of Christ. First and foremost I am a follower of Christ. Amongst all of these things I am also an introvert. I know many worship leaders, and a good amount of time these individuals are introverted as well. Obviously there are exceptions to this, I am sure there are plenty of extroverted worship leaders out there I just haven’t met many (when I do, I know they will introduce themselves to me – for obvious reasons).

Now, why do I bring up the fact that I am an introvert? If you are a fellow worship leader you are going to have people you are working with in your ministry. This could be volunteers, interns, or maybe even paid musicians.

I have found that it is extremely important to make your relationship with these people more than music.

Could a service be put together and accomplished if you have simply a surface level relationship with these people? Of course it can! You could have amazing musicians who love the Lord and want to serve, you could all get together mid-week (maybe even Sunday morning if they are THAT good) and have an amazing set of music. Please don’t make it just about how good the music sounds! I guarantee you will lose those musicians.

Here are 5 ways to make your ministry “More Than Music”:

1. Pray for Them.

Write down each and everyone of your volunteers, interns, paid musicians name down and pray for them daily. If you don’t know what they need prayer for, that’s okay, God does!

2. Connect with Them.

Text, call, or email these people every once in awhile and let them know you are praying for them, and thinking of them. Whenever someone comes to mind or is on my heart I like to send a quick text of encouragement.

3. Do the two T’s – Talk and Treat.

I’d recommend cancelling rehearsal once a quarter (or whatever works for your ministry) and tell your team instead you will be going out to ice cream, or pizza, or coffee. Talk with your team, get to know them more in a “non-church” setting, and treat them; meaning pay for it all, bless them for all the hard work and service they put in.

4. Set up training times.

There are so many great resources for training your team. I’d recommend Worship Central’s program that you can find at – they offer free resources and transcripts for running classes on why we worship, how to be on stage, songwriting, etc. But use a curriculum that fits your culture. Musicians and servants for the Lord love learning more, lead the way and offer your knowledge!

5. Get to know them one on one.

Don’t think people are too busy. My volunteers are always more than willing to get together with me if I ask them if they want to get coffee or lunch. This builds a friendship, you can ask about their kids, their jobs, show that you genuinely care for them.

I bet you are still wondering why I mentioned I was an introvert. These things aren’t easy for me to do. I would much rather sit in my office and write music, create new graphics, do my work with peace and quiet and then go home. But I have realized that doing that isn’t effective when trying to build, recruit, equip, and keep a team around. It’s more than music.

Rather than creating a worship team, let’s create worship communities. Rather than playing music, let’s get together with our communities at rehearsals and worship the Lord. Be there for your people in the times of celebration and also in the times of hardship. Give God your anxiety about having long conversations and go out there and disciple your team! I promise it always turns out better then you would expect.

So may your ministry be more than music. May it be about building authentic relationships with the people God has put in your path, so you can come together on Sunday with your FRIENDS and worship our Lord and Savior.

About the Author_02

Author Photo - Ben Wysong

North Campus Worship Leader and Tech Director
Harbor Covenant Church | Gig Harbor, WA

Ben is a pastors son. Growing up, he always said he would never follow in his father’s foot steps, but God had a different plan. Ben was called to full-time ministry and followed that call. His first time playing in a worship band was in the 8th grade and he has been involved ever since. His desire is to lead people in true and authentic worship, glorifying Jesus Christ. Currently, he is the Worship Leader at Harbor Covenant Church North Campus in Gig Harbor, Washington – a satellite church establishing it’s presence in a community where there is no church. He also is the Tech Director at the Central Campus, overseeing the areas of sound, stage design, graphics, lighting, and video.