Worship has No Limits

My wife and I live in Washington near Seattle. The awesome thing about living in the Pacific Northwest is there are so many hiking trails, outdoor activities, and ferries you can take to other cities and islands. We had friends visiting us from California; something they really wanted to do was go to Victoria, Canada.

Since they flew all the way to Washington we said we would! At 6 am we woke up and made our way to the ferry terminal in Port Angeles, WA. At 9am we arrived in Canada! We went to the visitor center in Victoria right next to the ferry terminal and got a map of the city to see what different sites there were to see, and what we could do. I saw on the map a picture of a Cathedral that we could visit, I got really excited! The Cathedral looked historical, and amazing! I really wanted to see it in person.

Towards the end of the day we luckily had time to go! We walked inside and the place was breathtakingly beautiful. The acoustics of this cathedral were just ridiculous (in a good way). There was the classic stained glass designs, the building was arched and reached almost 100 feet above us.

The ceiling above us was a very well thought out wooden design. There were probably 300 rows of chairs with hymnals sitting on each seat. Candles in the front were lit from people saying prayers, a confessional in the corner. We were the only ones in there, except for a nice lady in the front handing out pamphlets of information about the church.

I absolutely love singing and I wanted to sing in this church.

So I asked the nice lady in the front if I could, she indulged me. I went to the front and sang the song Amazing Grace. Each word was reverberating off the walls of this Cathedral. It was a beautiful moment, and one I won’t soon forget.

I learned in this experience that Worship is so much more then music.

It is so much more then instruments (although I do love different instruments in worship). Worship has no limits or boundaries. No matter where we are at, whether it’s on a stage in front of thousands of people with in-ear monitors, on a camping trip with friends, in a historical cathedral in Canada, or where my church (which is a new campus) meets right now; a preschool in Gig Harbor, Washington. God is with us. He accepts us despite our faults, despite our anxiety; he meets us where we are. Whether it’s a full band, or one single voice; God chooses to be there with us and listens to our worship and our praise. I think that’s beautiful.

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Author Photo - Ben Wysong

North Campus Worship Leader and Tech Director
Harbor Covenant Church | Gig Harbor, WA

Ben is a pastors son. Growing up, he always said he would never follow in his father’s foot steps, but God had a different plan. Ben was called to full-time ministry and followed that call. His first time playing in a worship band was in the 8th grade and he has been involved ever since. His desire is to lead people in true and authentic worship, glorifying Jesus Christ. Currently, he is the Worship Leader at Harbor Covenant Church North Campus in Gig Harbor, Washington – a satellite church establishing it’s presence in a community where there is no church. He also is the Tech Director at the Central Campus, overseeing the areas of sound, stage design, graphics, lighting, and video.