S01. Episode 007: Summer Camp Guide (featuring Nate Smith)

Episode 7: It may feel like Christmas has arrived, and the business of the season is most likely in full swing. If you are in student ministry, however, SUMMER CAMP is something you have [hopefully] already thought of. At least once. And if you haven’t nailed down details just yet, we’ve got you covered.

In this episode we take time to talk with Nathan Smith, founder and president, of Journey Camp. With his many years of experience both bringing students to camp and then starting his own, he gives us some quality things to be thinking about when we think summer camp. We can all agree on one thing, when we get students for an extended amount of time, away from the distractions of every day life, God can do some great life change. Whether it be in your youth room, or at a summer camp. Our job is to put them in God’s path and let Him do the rest.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Journey Camp:

Summer camp should be an unforgettable week in the life of your youth ministry. At Journey Camp, your students and leaders will experience Christ through powerful communicators who unpack the truth of God’s Word in a relevant, transforming way. Their staff are legitimately the best in the nation, handpicked to bring energy and joy to your students at camp.

At Toccoa Falls their lodging and meals are provided with excellence. We partner with renowned worship leaders and work diligently to provide activities all day, every day that build community and point students to Christ.

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